Sifters and accessories

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Sifters and accessories

The unrivalled universal SIFTOMAT type plansifter is extremely popular among experts. Its impressively simple design imitates the sifting movement of gold panners and has a positive effect on sifting accuracy and capacity. Fragile or brittle bulk material will be smoothly processed in an unparalleled manner.

Thanks to the total absence of vertical sieve movements, found on most of the vibrating sifting machines, the SIFTOMAT type plansifter is predestined for processing longitudinal shaped products such as textile fibres, plastic granulates or vegetables cut into sticks.
SIFTOMAT plansifters are mainly used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics, as well as in the flocculant and feed industries.

FUCHS has found that most producers encounter problems with flexible connections, which are either not available or not adapted to the job.
This is why FUCHS sets itself the task of connecting the most diverse products from various sources on one platform. Under "Accessories" you will certainly find the flexible connection you need for your application. Should this not be the case, simply call us at the number +41 26 510 10 00.

If you own a sifter whose sieve must be repaired or you need an additional sieve, FUCHS has the necessary know-how and equipment. More detailed information can be found under "Services".


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